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Sidi Sport's design team has created a brand new motorcycle sport boot with a modern and futuristic look that utilizes the highest quality materials in it's strcture to create a boot at the forefront of technology, functionality and production quality. The Rex was developed through research, laboratory tests and 'on the track' testing thanks to Sidi's Moto Gp riders' input, all to offer you a brilliant performance during your rides. 

  • Produced with Technofibre Microfibre
  • Lined with Maglina Air, treated with Teflon
  • Innovative Tecno-3 Closure system
  • Ankle support brace
  • Elastic panels on front and back joints for comfortable and easy fitting

Male/Female: M

£ 369.99 SRP*

*Suggested Retail Price. Prices may vary from store to store.



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